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L’Oréal’s brand Dermablend hire “anti-model” to create a perfect viral

December 1, 2011 1 comment

The L’Oréal small brand Dermablend hired the most tattooed man in the world Rick Genest aka Zombie Boy, to create a perfect low-budget viral video campaign.

L’Oréal, known as big spender in traditional media, recently moved money into content creation in digital media such as Zombie Boy’s ‘Go Behind The Cover’ video.

Through the course of the video the brand shows how well its makeup can cover pretty much anything by graphically demonstrating the brand’s attributes. The transformation is a

bsolutely amazing.

When we deconstruct this viral video we see that it has all key elements of  Dr. Coker’s branded viral movie predictor (BVMP) algorithm to go viral

The algorithm’s four key elements are congruency, emotive strength, network-involvement ratio and paired meme synergy.

  1. Congruency: The theme of a video must be congruent with people’s pre-existing knowledge of the brand it is advertising. My association with Dermablend brand, a product that can cover skin imperfections, has been consistent with the film theme and as result I am likely to form high opinion of the film.
  2. Emotive strength: Disgust, Fear, Sentiment and Involvements, Humour and Happiness. It has been disturbing yet incredible when I realised at the end of the film that Rick was a head-to-toe skeleton tatto.
  3. Network-involvement ratio: Video must be relevant to a large network of people and the larger the better. Cosmetic brands have got a large network.
  4. Paired meme synergy: Dr Coker defined 16 memes(cutsie wootsie, impromptu, disruption destruction, performance, anticipation, simulation trigger, skill bill, vigilante justice, eyes surprise, baby love, nostalgic bubblegum, voyeur, rose glasses and comedy side split) and discovered that a video will only go viral if it has the right combinations of these concepts. In this video producers used the right combination of unexpectedness and voyeur.

The video is part of a larger overall campaign the company is running called Go Beyond The Cover, which relates to the essence of branding – honesty.

“It shows even a small brand can have a program that have some great ideas that bring to life what the brand is all about” said Marc Speichert L’Oreal USA Chief Marketing Officer.